Friday, 7 September 2012

Purple haze

Hey beautiful bloggers, firstly i would like to apologize for my appearance/ complete lack of makeup in this post. However, i do have an excuse! I am due to go out for my friends 22nd tonight and I am currently waiting for my tan to develop (say no to harmful UV rays etc)- which means i cannot wear makeup today as i will take the tan off my face washing it off later to redo it, blahhhhh. So yes, just a quick outfit post and opportunity to showcase my customized Levis jacket (which will be for sale on ebay fairly soon). The weather is lovely in Watford today so i thought I'd better take advantage of the last dregs of sunlight and throw on some 'laid-back-hippie-faketan-princess-clothes' seeing as my pasty legs are currently hiding under a lovely layer of brownness. I picked up the tan coloured embroidered top from a local charity shop for around £2 and the skirt is from urban outfitters and cost me around £20 (ouch). The shoes are DESTROY and i bought them from ebay for about £12, which i think were a total bargain. AND FINALLY *drum roll pleases*... The Jacket! This jacket was one of my first ebay purchases a couple of years ago, only it was a plain navy coloured Levis jacket with a red and black checked lining. I have customised it to sell but couldn't resist trying it on with my outfit today. I dyed the jacket purple and cut out the lining, The fabric sewn onto the jacket took me FOREVER to sew as i don't (YET) own a sewing machine and so had to do the whole thing painstakingly slowly by hand. I also studded the outside of the fabric to fix up any loose ends or rough edges. Let me know what you think and feel free to ask any questions! Have a wonderfully Ungracious weekend! Dani xx 

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