Friday, 28 September 2012

a brief encounter with the highstreet

Hola readers, so today i went shopping in Watford with my friend and i picked up a few things in Primark. I used to absolutely love primark but i just cant stand how busy it gets so I have avoided it for a good few months and stuck to charity shops.However, today I was delighted to find that, as it was a weekday, we could browse pretty freely without being pushed into clothing rails and being generally abused by frantic bargain buyers. :)
I brought this skirt for £12 which i think is an absolute bargain! The length of it means i can wear it out during the chillier nights or just casually in the day, it has a black underskirt and the metallic over skirt will definitely make it a favourite around christmas time!

 The second thing i bought was this beautiful knitted dark turquoise jumper for £10! I bought it in a size 14 so that it sits off the shoulder and i can wear it with legging for a comfy winter look.

 The last thing i picked up- which i wasn't too sure about at first is this bat-wing metallic blouse (£12) it love the open back feature and i can wear it out with some disco pants. The gold sheen on it has made me want to buy the gold disco pants to wear with it though as i feel that the black ones would just look a little too morbid!

 LASTLY, these are two more jackets i'm working on! As you can see, unlike my sister, i DON'T model them to their full potential but i thought i'd show you guys anyway. Unfortunately the black leather one has already been sold and the navy chord levis one is available for £35. There will be a follow up post on new jackets soon (with a far better model than me!!!)

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Hope you all have a good weekend!

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