Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bonjour bloggers! So as you all know I have been customising Levis jackets and shirts (some not Levis) to sell. Today i got my sister round to model some of the finished pieces and work them to their full potential :) The pictures are little over exposed as i took them on instagram and once they were downloaded to my laptop the resolution is slightly different so they look a little bright. But here we go, I will list each jacket with the sale price and a link to my facebook so that any friends can message me if the are interested or if you don't know me personally feel free to comment or message and i will be listing them on ebay with "buy it now" prices. Enjoy! x

 Purple Haze navajo Levis jacket- £35

Wise Owl stud Levis jacket (Autumn brown/tan) -£45 

 Stampeding Horse stud Levis jacket - £45

 Cosmic unicorn castle shirt- £20

Moroccan Elephant studded collar Levis shirt- £25
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